The bio…. so hard to know what you would like to know about me, what questions might be in your head about who the heck I am and what I’ve done up to now. Here is a ‘nuts and bolts’ version:

I went to school for Cognitive Psychology and had a winding career path thru the non-profit and government sectors doing both program development and training. I always ended up in jobs that had me between technology and people. I finally ended up at a large healthcare organization as a manager in the IT department with responsibilities for managing the electronic medical record and revenue cycle systems as well as the reporting function. Early in 2012, I took the jump out of corporate and into the great wide open.

Since then I’ve been building websites and my skills on all things marketing. I have become a certified MBTI® practitioner and also have done some coach training. The work I have named east willow amazingly allows me to use everything that I’ve learned up to now and gives me an outlet for honestly using my skills, strengths and experience to help other people discover themselves and build something awesome in the world. I honestly think I have found “My Unique” and I would love to help you find Your Unique.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband Tim and my awesome dog Boonter. I have lots of great friends and my family (at least part of my family) is nearby too.