o you are thinking you need a website. What does that really mean? This article is meant for the non-tech among us, and yes there are many of you. I've tried to make this easy but still accurate. 

There are two basic elements, with just these two you can have a website. 

Domain Name
Website Hosting

The metaphor of housing - we even use the words "build a website" - it is a good analogy.

Domain is the address. You need one. If you can find one that people might remember then all the better. 

Hosting and website - these two things go together - but the truth is the first Hosting - this is the land on which your website will be built. And there are myriad options. 

You are, in the end, always just buying this - space on a server somewhere. You have 'stuff' - words, pictures, links - that stuff needs a home - your 'hosting company' gives you that.

Now - just as you see various types of housing developments - there are apartments, condos, townhomes, single-family homes, custom built homes - there are a whole variety of types of websites, and this is where this gets a little complicated.