be willing to let the process change you

I wish I could promise you that you can do a website and start posting on Facebook and that you will make all the money you dreamed of and have a perfect life. 

I honestly do wish that were true.

But, my experience has taught me something very different. 

Putting your work out into the world... heck, even figuring out what "your work" even means, it is hard. 

You can read ALOT of articles about what factors dictate success, and I was thinking this morning we often don't hear about being willing to be changed. 

You could call this change learning and in many ways it is. 

But perhaps there is something larger going on as well, something more akin to maturation and building wisdom. 

How does your professional life impact your personal life? That question, the line really even between personal and professional, how much do we even really talk about that. 
And if it is true that so many of us now are trying to do something "on our own" - what does that mean?

And, is this more of an artisan culture now. Where we are more DIY and buy local - to me this is a pendulum swing back to those days. 

I like the Independent Professional name, I think it names more clearly what we are trying to do. 

We want to be independent, autonomous - make our own rules, go our own way.

And Professional, we want to be providing something of value to others that is a fair exchange of money for value.

At least that is what I want. 

Going Pro is a concept I learned about from Steven Pressfield. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about it some in Big Magic. Jamie Ridler talks about in Honor the Work. Body of work talks about it. 

But I come back to, how are we willing to be changed. Because the truth is we start out as dependent amateurs.