what is Right Work?

I’m going to create a phrase here - Right Work. Not to be confused with Right-to-Work which is a morass of employment laws …. no, Right Work is really the opposite of a morass or even a law.

Right Work is about you being you and contributing something to the world.

Right Work is that place where your unique constellation of strengths, skills and interests line up with something the world wants. Right Work is your unique way of meeting a need in the marketplace.

Right Work may be about you starting your own thing. Or it may mean you finding a role working in an established organization. Wherever it happens, Right Work is ultimately about contribution, adding something. And it is also about You. Who you are uniquely, what you bring.

I believe that finding your Right Work is a noble quest. Yes, there are dangers along the way but the rewards are many.

Feeling as if we are doing what we are built to do in the world is a reward worth seeking.