be willing to be changed

I wish I could promise you that you that when you build a website or start blogging or start posting on Facebook or Instagram that you will make all the money you dreamed of and have a perfect life. 

I honestly do wish that were true.

But, my experience has taught me something very different. 

Putting your work out into the world... heck, even figuring out what "your work" even means, it is hard. Really Hard.

You can read articles about what factors dictate success from now until the end of time. You will hear about rules and habits and mindsets and formulas. I think the the truth about all of that stuff is that no one actually knows what is going to work until it does. And, since we are all different, even if one thing works for you it might not work for me. 

I do think there is one thing you can count on if you are on a journey to find your Right Work in the World and that is - the process will change you. So the only thing you really need to do is stay open to learning and change.

If you hold the idea that this really is a journey and that every day of it is about learning something new, something that is helpful or something to avoid that is unhelpful, that can change the way you approach things. Instead of needing to know exactly what to do, you can allow yourself to learn, to try new things, to actually treat finding your Right Work with the spirit of adventure and exploration that this journey deserves.

Are you willing to be changed? Are you willing to become different?