collaboration and co-creation

this is a relationship
not a transaction

For the past 5 years I have been helping women like you build websites. I always start by saying "My commitment is that you love it." When we are done I want you to feel good about sharing it with family, friends, customers, colleagues. And, I really want it to Feel Like You. I have witnessed more than once someone seeing their website for the first time and being truly stunned by what we have created. All of a sudden, they sit up a little straighter, walk a little taller. This is what a website (a well-organized set of visuals and messages) that really reflects who you are can do. 

But I can't make a great reflection of you all by myself. It is, after all, about you, your project or business, your audience and customers. So over the years I've developed a very collaborative process that includes you and I creating together.


What follows is a rough sketch of how the process works. I've outlined it here so you can determine if this is a good fit for you. Each client has different needs and budget and so the size and scope of each project is always a little different, but this gives you the basics. See client stories for good examples of how this actually works and see details for questions you might have. 


Meet & Greet ::  This is always the place to start ::  Free

We can do a call or a video chat. These usually last about 60 minutes. This is enough time to talk and see what you need and what I can do to help. This business is personal and it is important we have a strong connection.

Once we meet and talk, I will have an idea of what you are looking for and different ways I can help. We will wrap up the call with some next steps. 



Discovery ::  Let's dig in ::  

This is where we talk about it all - past, present, and future. What are your goals? What is the purpose of the website? Who is your customer? What makes you unique? How confident are you now? How confident do you want to be?

What do you LOVE about what you do? 

This is done as a video chat and usually lasts 75 minutes. After this call I will start a document that we will use to guide our way forward. If you choose to do Discovery as a standalone process, I will write up a document for you that summarizes our call. 



Visual Identity Design ::  Colors, images, "look and feel"  ::  

This is where things get REALLY interesting. What images can we find (or do you have some?) that feel somehow like they "fit". What is the right color palette? I will create a set of 3 moodboards that will show you 3 different design concepts. You may never have done something like this before, don't worry - it is awesome and you will love it! 

This phase is one of the most important. It matters that we come up with a consistent look and feel that you use on your website, your business card, social media, and the list goes on. You will feel better and more professional and you will look better and more professional too!


Messaging ::  Words, taglines, help with copywriting/copyediting ::  

This may actually be the hardest part. This is where we have to make clear what it is you do. Sometimes simpler is better, especially if you are just starting out. The good news is that we will have talked and be pretty connected by now and I can barely stop my brain from coming up with taglines and words, I'm not saying all of my ideas are good ones, but there is rarely a shortage of ideas! 


Design & Build Website ::  Build the finished product  ::  

The largest phase of the project, this part becomes easier if we have completed our work in steps 1 - 4. Still, there are real considerations and concerns as we head into much more technical territory. 

Depending on the size of the project and your goals and purpose I will offer up recommendations on website platform and other technical considerations.

This is the time when you can really lean into my expertise and ask all the questions you have with no concern for feeling like you somehow "should know this stuff". I used to be a technical trainer and I know that everyone has their own level of knowledge and understanding. I am always committed to teaching you (in a way that works for you) as much as you want to learn.


Launch & Debrief (also, celebrate!)  ::  Put our creation out into the world  ::  

I will launch your site into the world. And there will be much clapping and smiling!

Once the excitement dies down and you have a chance to get some feedback, we will take some time to debrief and determine if we have anything left over to complete.


The all important question - what next? 

I would love to be able to tell you that by doing a website all of your dreams (and financial goals) will come true. But the truth is a website is only the beginning. But if you are just starting out, it is a great beginning!

If you have an established business then you know your website is only one piece of a larger marketing strategy. What is your larger strategy?

This is where the real questions start to come up - how will your reach your customers? Are you going to spend your time building a presence on social media? What will that look like for you? What is the right next step?

I do continue to work with my clients after the website launch in a variety of capacities. Once we launch your site we can talk about what might be possible.

But right now, the question is - are you ready to begin?

There is a line from one of my favorite movies Shawshank Redemption that seems apt here:

“…if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.”

I can help. I really can.

I have visited many websites and have gotten as far as you have now, have seen little bits of myself and wondered if the person could really help, but then I’ve stopped short of getting in touch. I’m hoping you will ‘come a little further’ and reach out.

Email me at kim@eastwillow.com and let's talk!