sharing your awesome work with the world just got fun!
and a whole lot easier



A Warm & Hearty Hello to You

You, ready to get out there
You, ready to bring your business or your personal project online

but …
the options are dizzying and the fear is real and you aren’t really a digital native

How are you going to do this??

You need a partner you can trust, who knows the territory, and understands what you are trying to do. You aren’t quite at the point where you are ready to build your Million Empire, but you ARE ready to do something that starts to point you in that direction.

You want a website that you love and speaks to your kind of customers, a mailing list that is growing, and a strong sense of how to tell people what you do without them saying “huh?”

Trouble is… you don’t really know where to start. Or, maybe you have started but what you have feels ‘not quite right’. Or, maybe you are ready for a freshening of your message or visuals.

Well, congrats….you have found me now and let me say this….

I get it – I really do. And…
I promise, I can help!

Find Your Unique . Move Forward



Let’s get to it – you want to know if this is for you, right?
Or you might be curious and asking “What does east willow do?”

This is for you…

…if you are an individual, not a big business

…if you have a hard time seeing your real strengths

…if your business is all online/all offline/or somewhere in between

…if you are tired of being alone and feeling like you are just slogging along

…if technology is sometimes a barrier and you don’t love dealing with ‘tech people’

…if you really want to make your work or your business a unique expression of who you are in the world

What does east willow do?

Well first, let’s be clear – east willow is just a name but the work gets done by me, Kim LeClair.

The work includes:

  • designing and building websites
  • connecting those websites to email service providers
  • helping my customers choose the right tools (apps, software, platforms) to meet their needs
  • select graphic design projects
  • presentation design
  • writing
  • audio/video editing
  • consulting on business and marketing strategy

  nice stuff clients have said


“You want her on your team!”

When she’s in coaching mode, or any other mode now that I think about it, she has a sort of magical ability to see people and situations from the inside out. Which means that she will find the strengths, even if they’ve been buried so far down that they aren’t even visible to the naked eye.–Robyn Norman

“With Kim, you discover you can’t stop smiling.”

Her ideas are as incredible as her attitude.  You might find as I did, that she helps you see your work and even yourself in a whole new (and even better) way.– David Douglas

“A tour guide to my hearts desire.”

Kim is a magician who helps me get to the roots of my musings. She is a tech facilitator, the go to person that keeps my projects moving along. A creative energizer and a strategist. Someone who helps to map the big picture yet keep me and my creative mind focused on the steps.–Julie Francis

There is a line from one of my favorite movies Shawshank Redemption that seems apt here:

“…if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.”

I can help. I really can.

I have visited many websites and have gotten as far as you have now, have seen little bits of myself and wondered if the person could really help, but then I’ve stopped short of getting in touch. I’m hoping you will ‘come a little further’ and reach out. You can email me at