is this right for you?

In the end, only you can answer that question. I do encourage you to reach out if you even have a sense that it might be, I love meeting new people and am always happy to chat. That said, here are some of my thoughts about who is the best fit.

This is for you if...

... you are an individual, not a big business

... you are just starting (or just starting over)

... you are tired of trying to do this alone

... technology is sometimes a barrier and you don’t love dealing with ‘tech people’

... you really want to make your project or your business a unique expression of who you are in the world

... your already have a website but it doesn't really fit anymore

... if this is a personal project that you want to bring online and you need technical help plus a confidence booster to help make that happen are small non-profit


How can I contact you?

The best way is through email - You can also use the form provided on the contact page.


What do most of your clients do?

I have worked with therapists, fitness trainers, coaches, artists, musicians, alternative wellness practitioners, writers, and small non-profits. The main thing that unites all of these people is that they are honestly interested in doing something that is a unique expression of who they are in the world. It matters to them that their work and the way it is presented is authentic.


I want to build an online business, can you help me?

I probably could help some but the truth is I'm probably not the best choice. Building a profitable online business is really difficult, no matter what "online people" tell you. The days of starting a blog and getting famous just because you have some interesting thoughts are pretty much over. Not that it isn't possible, but you need to be ready to either a) learn how to use the tech tools yourself or b) get ready to spend some real money over time to make things happen.

My specialty is working with people who are going to see their customers/client in real life - so the good old-fashioned "local business". There may be an online component to their work, but it is only a part of it, not the whole thing. If you want to chat more about this I can - I'm happy to share what I know in the hope that it can be useful to you.


How much does this cost? 

Project costs range from $900 to $3600. Once we do an initial consult I will propose a package that works for your needs and your budget.


How long does it take? What is my time commitment?

Dependent on your needs, after our initial call I'm going to recommend some options to you. I will base this on my experience and what I hear you saying you need. I believe in deadlines, especially for work like this. Otherwise, it can just drag on. And dragging on doesn't really help you to move forward. And that is, in the end, what we are looking for - good solid forward momentum.


I already have a logo, can I still work with you?

Yes, for sure! If you already have a look and feel you love we can talk about how we can take that and build it into a website you love just as much.


I kind of want to take things a step at a time, can I do that?

Yes, absolutely. For some people stepping through the process one phase at a time is the best option. This can be especially true if you are a) very busy or b) very fuzzy on what you want or c) low on funds. I have learned that starting is the important part; once you start you will be learning and then you can just keep moving forward.


Do you work with people locally or just online?

I do both. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, so if you are local (around the Chicago area) it would be great to meet in person. But I also have clients throughout the US, Europe and Canada and while it would be fun to meet in person, doing everything by video chat is quite a bit more cost effective.

The essential thing is that at least a part of your business/project is happening in real life - and by that I mean, you aren't hanging your hat on all of your customers coming from finding you in a sea of online options. That is work best suited to someone else.


Have another question I haven't answered?

Reach out and ask. Say hello and we'll chat. Even if I can't help you directly I've usually got one or two ideas that are helpful.